Mondial Lus: an italian story
The story of Mondial Lus began in 1931 in Saronno, Varese province. Drawing pins and metal pens for writing articles are the first company that, through constant investments in research and innovation, its production rapidly evolving to embrace a good part of the provision for the office.
Fasteners, fermacampioni springs, paper clips, staplers alongside a rapidly growing full range of products for writing, such as fountain pens, ball pens, fiber tip. In a few years outlining the peculiar character of Mondial Lus: a product diversification that makes it - even today - one of a kind.
The multiple production lines requiring treatment of raw materials and use totally different technologies: the sheet metal is covered with horizontal and vertical slices with mold completely automated, while the metal wire is worked with brakes, which are also mechanized. As for the plastic, the production line sees used injection molding machines from 100 to 500 tons of power. Even the packaging process, both the hardware and writing articles is by means of sophisticated equipment and follow detailed quality control systems.
Just the attention to quality issues, combined with inventive all-Italian historians have made some marks Mondial Lus, still on the market. Just think of the pins or clips ETERNAL AQUILA, or the pen and RAINBOW MERCURY fiber on the market since the '60s. The pens scented FANTASY present from the beginning of the '80s with several references.
Lus Mondial sells throughout the world and every product is the result of an exceptional know-how developed over time and fed continuously with the experimentation and research. It reflects the philosophy of a company rich in history, but he has always demonstrated the ability to look ahead.
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